David W. Miller: Defining "Acupuncturist"

This important paper gives insight and perspective about the increasing need to distinguish the clinical practice characteristics of individuals within the emerging professional practice structure. Dr. Miller, both an MD and an LAc, discusses the fact that there are differences in practice styles, training backgrounds, and clinical structures for the delivery of this medicine as well as fundamental commonalities of practice for all the individuals who are involved in this discipline.


S.P. Vinjamury: How To Write A Case Report

Sivarama Prasad Vinjamury, an MD (Ayurveda) and MAOM, is a professor of research at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. This paper discussing the steps necessary to construct a successful case report (or case study) is a valuable tool for all clinical practitioners who may decide to write up one of their cases. It includes a brief overview of the types of case reports, the stages of case report writing, and the anatomy of a case report. The American Acupuncturist welcomes case report submissions; the journal’s Author Guidelines include this article in its Appendix.

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