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07 Apr 2019 3:13 PM | Anonymous

Summary of Essential Job Functions
Modern Acupuncture is recruiting a Lead Acupuncturists who will report directly to the Regional Developer and be responsible for the development and management of the clinical acupuncture program for the site opening in Cranston, RI. In addition, the Lead Acupuncturist will be participating in marketing and business development efforts to optimize clinical utilization and financial performance.
Clinical Responsibilities:
The Lead Acupuncturist is expected to be a clinical leader who is exhibiting exemplary clinical performance that is consistent with the policies and procedures of the Company.

• Assess client condition by reviewing patients' health and medical histories;
questioning, observing and examining patient by conducting brief health history and interview, observing client and interpreting findings.
• Maintain safe and clean treatment environment and adhering to Clean Needle Technique protocols; complying with procedures, rules, regulations, and laws
• Administer acupuncture treatment using sterile, single use needles at specified locations to address patient’s chief complaint
• Evaluate effects of treatments by observing, noting, and evaluating patient’s progress; modifying when necessary and advising patients about recommended treatment options.
• Document, monitor and maintain accurate records regarding patient treatments
• Adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines regarding patient health information
• Provide confident, accurate, relevant, and relatable information for patients regarding the full benefits of acupuncture
• Counsel patients about nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, stress management, and
other matters.

Leadership Responsibilities
In addition to the clinical responsibilities the Lead Acupuncturist is expected to work with the Company to lead the clinical practice to assure that patients are receiving a high-quality care experience that is consistent with state and Modern Acupuncture requirements. The Lead Acupuncturist must be a team builder who inspires confidence, leads by example and is able to motivate people towards their highest level of performance.

• Establish standards, policies, and systems to ensure compliance with all state, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that may affect or impact the Company.
• Establish standards, policies, and guidelines to ensure compliance with Modern Acupuncture standards, policies, and guidelines.
• Establish and enforce standards, policies, and guidelines to ensure the provision of quality clinical services by the staff acupuncturists.
• Advise the Company with respect to recruiting and hiring of prospective acupuncturists.
• Advise the Company with respect to the selection, retention and termination of staff acupuncturists.
• Provide staff acupuncturist training and supervision in the in the delivery of acupuncture services that are consistent with the Modern Acupuncture model.
• Establish goals and performance metrics for staff acupuncturists and advise the Company on incentive structures to create alignment and support performance management.
• Develop, update and implement quality assurance and quality improvement programs.
• Monitor documentation process to ensure quality and compliance with Modern Acupuncture requirements.
• Manage acupuncturist scheduling to assure consistent service delivery that aligns with hours of operation and demand.
• Participate in outreach and marketing efforts to optimize acupuncturist utilization.
• Perform monthly review of key performance statistics (KPI) to identify and implement best practices. Includes operational and financial metrics.
• Assist in the development and management of the staff acupuncturist budget

Minimum Requirements
• Certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)
• Master’s Degree in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine from an accredited institution
• Current Acupuncture license in state of Rhode Island
• Ability to make guests feel safe and comfortable during acupuncture treatments
• Exceptional time management and ability to treat multiple patients per hour
• Confident in presenting and selling services
• Willingness to learn and implement new techniques and treatment protocols
• Confident and positive disposition
• Able to work weekends/evenings (as required)
• Maintain a professional appearance and wear company approved attire
Abilities Required
• Able to stand and/or sit for long periods of time
• Able to lift to 50 pounds
If interested please send your resume to:

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