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BodyIntuitive Acupuncture CEU class Miami FL

  • 27 Sep 2019
  • 29 Sep 2019
  • Miami, FL

BodyIntuitive is co-taught by Dr. Janet Galipo, licensed acupuncturist, and Dr. Laura Stuve, PhD in BioChemistry. 

The course integrates TCM theory and principles with the latest in modern science to provide ways to improve patient outcomes.


BodyIntuitive will boost your effectiveness of chronic disease treatment with:

1.      Strategies from Classical Chinese Medicine

2.     Insights from 21st Century Science

3.     An Intuitive Protocol to Find and Resolve the Story Behind the Symptoms

PLUS BodyIntuitive I course offers you CEUs:

  • 22 from NCCAOM

  • 22 from Florida Acupuncture Board

  • 20 from California Acupuncture Board

Learn more at: https://www.bodyintuitive.org/bodyintuitiveforacupuncturists

Questions? Contact: training@bodyintuitive.org

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